What is Django?


Now a days it is hardly to find anyone who doesn’t know about Instagram which is a highly popular social network. But have you ever wondered which technology was used to build the Instagram website? The answer is Django framework and Python. So let’s get know about Django.

What is Django?

Django is a Python based free and open source, web framework which was developed in order to ease the creation of complex, database-driven websites. A framework is a platform or else a collection of modules which are built for easy development of applications. In a framework modules are grouped together so they can be used according the requirement.Therefore a framework allows to create applications or websites with the use of existing sources instead of making the user to create it from scratch.

So in simple, Django is a high-level Python Web framework which encourages rapid development with clean and pragmatic design. Django contains a collection of modules which can be used by developers according to the necessity. The development and maintenance of Django is done by a nonprofit organization named ‘The Django Software Foundation’ (DSF).

Who uses Django?

The popular sites which use Django are,

  • Instagram
  • Mozilla
  • National Geographic
  • Disquis
  • Bitbucket
  • Nextdoor
  • Spotify
  • Public Broadcasting Service
  • The Washington Times etc.

In addition there are many applications which are not totally based on Django but contain significant amount of Django technology in them. YouTube, the world’s biggest video sharing platform, is one such application, which contains Django in it. Dropbox, a popular cloud storage service for documents, pictures and videos, uses Django to enable sharing, sync and storing feature for different file types.

Outstanding Features in Django

There are many features in Django which makes it prominent among other related frameworks. So some features of Django can be described as follows.

Advanced Object Relational Mapping(ORM)

Object Relational Mapping is a programming technique for converting data between relational databases and object oriented programming languages. Django framework has an outstanding Object Relational Mapper (ORM) which is considered to be one of the powerful features present in it. This built-in ORM in Django can be used to interact with application data from various databases including SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL etc.

Movel View Template (MVT)

Django is referred as a MVT (Model View Template) which is slightly different from the MVC (Model View Controller). Model View Controller is a software architecture pattern which separates data presentation from the logic of handling user interactions. It contains the components of Model, View and Controller. As Django is based on MVT, it contains the three components named Model, View and Template. The Model handles the data entered by the developer, View component controls what users see and Template acts as a URL dispatcher.  Template is a HTML file mixed with Django Template Language (DTL). Controller is in default present in the framework. The controller is a software code which controls the interactions between the Model and the View.  The MVT in Django helps for fast application development.

Excellent Documentation 

Django has a fine documentation which makes it way easier and convenient to learn. A documentation of a technology serves as an organized library for a developer. So a comprehensive documentation makes it easier to learn and use any technology. The Django documentation is available in many languages and it is considered as one of the outstanding documentations available.

Python Web Framework

Python is a high-level programming language, which is easy to learn and easy to use.  Django gained much popularity as it was based on Python.


Django is highly scalable. It can handle large websites with millions of active users. The  busiest websites in the world use Django as it can cope up with the heavy traffic demands

Highly Versatile Nature

Django can be used to build a variety of applications from content management systems   to social networks and as well as scientific computing platforms.

Higher Security

Django provides a higher security and a reliable service.


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