A quick recap of events


With this article I’m going to give you a small recap regarding the events organized by ARICT within past couple of months. I know you might have been a participant in these events but I’m going to brief it a bit.

Mozilla outreach 2018- Rajarata

The “Mozilla outreach 2018- Rajarata” event was held on 20th November 2018 at the faculty premises from 9 am onward. This was organized by ARICT and the Mozilla Sri Lanka for ICT, CS, ITT students of the faculty of applied sciences and faculty of technology. All the participants were given with the introduction and history of Mozilla campus clubs, how as it formed, the current members of the club and how the works are carried in the club, as the first session. Then as the next sessions, an awareness about the free and open source software, Firefox monitor and about git was given to the participants. This was a great opportunity for the students to learn about techy things and tounderstand what role that Mozilla plays in the IT industry.

CodeGen workshop – 2018

The CodeGen International was here at Rajarata University on 30th November 2018, to guide the University Students to explore their own paths in IT Industry and make their own Identity there. The ICT, CS and ITT students of Faculty of Applied Sciences and Faculty of Technology were presented there. And also students from University of Jaffna also participated for the event. As the first session, participants were given a brief introduction about the CodeGen International, on what projects they work on and what technologies they use and different roles in the company.

As a next step, participants were given a hands-on session regarding Machine Learning. Further, students were given chances to ask questions they has regarding the job roles and the industry expectations. As the last session for the event, a team working exercises were given through small activities. This was a good experience for all the participants.

Industrial Visit 2019

The Industrial Visit of ICT/ CS students of 2014/2015 batch organized by ARICT with the guidance of lecturers of the Department of Computing, was held in 28th and 29th March in 2019. IT was a 2 day visit. As the first session on first day they visited IFS company. There, students were given with a brief introduction about the company, what role they play in the IT industry. And also students were able to do an activity which deals with team working skills. They were also aware about the current job opportunities they have in the company and also in the industry.

As the second session for the day, students visited the Lseg Technology (Millennium IT) company. There also students were given an idea about the company, how the works carried in the company, what technologies they use and what job roles they have in the company. Also they taught about the industry expectations from a fresh graduate. The students were fortunate enough to visit the company premises too.

On the second day, as the first session, they went to Creative Software. There also they were taught about the role that the company plays in the industry, what job roles do they have and how the work is carried out by the relevant job roles in the company.

The last session of the visit was at the 99x technologies. There also participants got a chance to meet the professionals in different fields of the IT industry. Students were taught with trending jobs in the industry, what roles do they play in the working environment. Students were able to ask questions from the professionals.

This two days visit was a wonderful experience for the participants sicne they are the one’s who will be working in the industry in next few years. This was a golden opportunity for the students to meet the professionals and make new connections with them.


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