Wi-Fi 6 is on its way!


2019 can be known as a ‘tech year’! Number of new technologies, devices and tech related standards were unveiled during the past few months of this year. And also it’s said that there are much more new arrivals lined up for the coming months as well. Among them, one of the most interesting arrivals is the next generation of Wi-Fi. Haven’t heard about it? No worries! Here are some details about the next generation of Wireless standards, WiFi 6…

What exactly is Wi-Fi 6?

During the past years, number of Wi-Fi versions were used. But the problem was, the standard followed to name these Wi-Fi versions was not that much user friendly. As a solution for this problem, it was decided to give each Wi-Fi standard a number. Accordingly the next Wi-Fi version to arrive, Wi-Fi version  802.11ax, is known as Wi-Fi 6.

What are the advantages of Wi-Fi 6?

As reported, Wi-Fi 6 is much more faster than the present Wi-Fi version. Its speed advancement is measured as 40% when compared to Wi-Fi version 5. The reason behind this speed advancement is its high efficient data encoding ability. Each radio signal will carry a higher number of data packets, and the chips used for encoding and decoding signals withing this technology seems to be comparatively powerful. Due to these reasons Wi-Fi 6 will provide a high speed service for its users.

Wi-Fi 6 comes with Target Wake Time (TWT) feature. This feature makes the Wi-Fi radio of a device to be activated only when the device is to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. TWT has the ability to keep the Wi-Fi radio of a device in sleep mode, unless it’s really needed and used. This will be useful to save the battery life of a device.

When a number of devices are connected to a single Wi-Fi access point, it’s normal that the Wi-Fi connection gets slow. But with Wi-Fi 6 this problem is avoided up to a certain extent. Even when a higher number of devices are connected to a single Wi-Fi 6 access point, it’s said that its speed is guaranteed.

These are just few key advantages of Wi-Fi 6. The latest Wi-Fi version will have many and more advantages to provide a better service for its users!

How will Wi-Fi 6 work better?

The under hood mechanism of Wi-Fi 6 will be as follows. It will divide its wireless channel into a number of sub channels. Therefore one sub channel can be dedicated for each device connected to the wireless network. This happens with the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) technology, which comes with Wi-Fi 6.

With Wi-Fi 5, the access point could talk to devices at the same time, but those devices couldn’t respond at the same time. Multiple In/Multiple Out (MIMO) technology which comes with Wi-Fi 6 lets devices respond to the wireless access point at the same time.

When will we get Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 isn’t finalized and here yet. There also aren’t any Wi-Fi 6 client devices available yet, either. But it’s predicted that Wi-Fi 6 will be rolled out somewhere within 2019. Let’s wait for it and see how it goes!


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