Ethical Hacking

Hacker is the term that is for Cyber Security-Flaws and exploits. Nowadays people think hacking is the hijacking facebook accounts. But  it is not!!! It is a part of hacking but it doesn’t  mean that it is all there. Hacking is practice of modifying the feature of a system or finding a loop hole, in order to accomplish goal outside the creator purpose. The term “ethical hacker” has received criticism at times from people who say that there is no such thing as an “ethical” hacker. Hacking is hacking, no matter how you look at it and those who do the hacking are commonly referred to as computer criminals or cyber criminals.

Ethical hacking is the term used to describe hacking performed by a company or individual to help identify potential threats on a computer or network. An ethical hacker attempts to bypass system security and search for any weak points that could be exploited by malicious hackers. This information is then used by the organization to improve the system security, in an effort to minimize or eliminate any potential attacks. The work that ethical hackers do for organizations has helped improve system security and can be said to be quite effective and successful. There are a number of ethical hacking certifications available that provide businesses with a benchmark from which to identify employees in possession of the requisite skills. These qualifications are also a brilliant resource for budding ethical hackers to build and validate their knowledge.

When hiring an ethical hacker look out for industry-standard certifications, like EC Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) or GIAC’s GPEN.

A hacker must obey the following rules to be an ethical hacker:

  1. Expressed (often written) permission to probe the network and attempt to identify potential security risks.
  2. You respect the individual’s or company’s privacy.
  3. You close out your work, not leaving anything open for you or someone else to exploit at a later time.
  4. You let the software developer or hardware manufacturer know of any security vulnerabilities you locate in their software or hardware, if not already known by the company.

Nowadays Businesses need ethical hackers more than ever. So the ethical hacking becomes the top job of the year 2017. Demand for cyber skills is also reflected in salary with the average security salary climbing 4.99 percent in Q4 2016. The average UK salary for an ethical hacker is now a comfortable £40,000, increasing to £60,000 for penetration testing roles (ItJobsWatch , 2017). With increasing salaries, great job prospects and GDPR incoming soon, there may never be a better time for companies to be an ethical hacker.

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