Is Baseball Business or Sport?

(The New Yankee Stadium, New York)

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 15: A general view during the game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium on Saturday, April, 15, 2017 in the Bronx borough of New York City. (Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos)

Although baseball is a sport, it’s also big business. This challenge is facing the New York Yankees.

New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner began campaigning for a new stadium in the early 1980s, just a few years after (on April 16, 2009) the remodeled Yankee Stadium opened.

The stadium was designed by the architectural firm Populous. The exterior was made from 11,000 pieces of Indiana limestone, along with granite and pre-cast concrete. It features the building’s name V-cut and gold-leaf lettered above each gate.



Characteristic Old Stadium [as of 2008] New Stadium
Opening Day April 18, 1923 April 16, 2009
Capacity 56,886 50,287
Seat width 18 inches (46 cm)–22 inches (56 cm) 19 inches (48 cm)–24 inches (61 cm)
Seat Length 29.5 inches (75 cm) 33 inches (84 cm)–39 inches (99 cm)
Concourse width (average) 17 feet (5.2 m) 32 feet (9.8 m)
Cup holders Select Field Level Seating For every seat in General Seating
Luxury box| Luxury suites 19 56
Club Seats 4,300
Team stores 6,800 square feet (630 m2) 11,560 square feet (1,074 m2)
Restroom fixture ratio 1 per 89 fans 1 per 60 fans
Public elevators
(passenger lifts)
(Otis Traction)
(KONE Traction)
Video scoreboard 25 feet (7.6 m) by 33 feet (10 m)
(Standard-definition LED)
59 feet (18 m) by 101 feet (31 m)
(High-definition LED)
Distance from Home Plate to:
Backstop 72 feet 4 inches (22 m) 52 feet 4 inches (16 m)
Left Field 318 feet (97 m)
Left Center 399 feet (120 m)
Center Field 408 feet (124 m)
Right Center 385 feet (120 m)
Right Field 314 feet (96 m)
Source: New York Yankees




Many historic milestones and records have been achieved at Yankee Stadium.

Statistic Exhibition Regular season Postseason
First game April 3, 2009
Yankees 7, Cubs 4
April 16, 2009
Indians 10, Yankees 2
October 7, 2009
Yankees 7, Twins 2
Ceremonial First Pitch Reggie Jackson Yogi Berra Eric T. Olson
First pitch Chien-Ming Wang CC Sabathia CC Sabathia
First batter Aaron Miles (Cubs) Grady Sizemore (Indians) Denard Span (Twins)
First hit Aaron Miles (Cubs) Johnny Damon Denard Span (Twins)
First Yankees hit Derek Jeter Johnny Damon Derek Jeter
First home run Robinson Canó Jorge Posada Derek Jeter
First win Chien-Ming Wang Cliff Lee (Indians) CC Sabathia
First save Jonathan Albaladejo Mariano Rivera (April 17) Mariano Rivera



  • Field size of Baseball,
    • Left field– 318 feet (97 m)
      Left center – 399 feet (122 m)
      Center field – 408 feet (124 m)
      Right center – 385 feet (117 m)
      Right field – 314 feet (96 m)
      Backstop – 52 feet 4 inches (16 m)
  • Surface of the Yankee stadium is made on Kentucky Bluegrass.
  • Capacity of the Yankee stadium,
    • 47,422 (2017–present)
      49,469 (2016)
      49,638 (2015)
      49,642 (2014)
      50,291 (2011–2013)
      50,287 (2009–2010)
  • Record attendance of the Baseball is 50,960



  • Requiring revenue from tickets to games.
  • Television broadcasts.
  • Other sources to pay for teams.
  • Salaries for top players have ballooned, as have ticket prices.

Are some businesses taken from Yankee Stadium through Baseball.



From 2016, printed electronic tickets can not be used at New York Yankees and New York City FC matches at Yankee Stadium. Only traditional hard-stock tickets, and those issued via a mobile ticketing system, are accepted. The team justified the decision by stating that it was meant to combat fraud associated with printed digital tickets.

It is more secure and better experience.

Although Yankee Stadium has been widely criticized for high ticket prices. Seats within the first eight rows in the lower bowl, called the “Legends Suite”, are among the highest-priced tickets in professional sports.

Television Broadcasts / Networking,

Many fans now watch games on television rather than attending them in person or choose other forms of entertainment, such as electronic games.

When enrich the fan experience through more video and technology services, it’s the way to keep stadiums full of fans and keep fans happily at home. The New York Yankees built the new Yankee Stadium like that.

“It’s what fans want to see, to see more angles and do it on their terms.”


According to Ron Ricci, co-chairman of Cisco Systems’ sports and entertainment division, Cisco Systems supplied the computer and networking technology for the new stadium.

Throughout the stadium, the Great Hall, the Yankees Museum, and in-stadium restaurants and concession areas,

1,200 flat-panel high-definition HDTV monitors display live game coverage,

  • up-to-date sports scores,
  • archival and highlight video,
  • promotional messages,
  • news,
  • weather
  • traffic updates.


There is also a huge monitor in center field that is 101 feet wide and 59 feet high. At the conclusion of games, the monitors provide up-to-the moment traffic information and directions to the nearest stadium exits.

The monitors are designed to surround fans visually from the moment they enter the stadium, especially when they stray from a direct view of the ball field.

The Yankees team controls all the monitors centrally and is able to offer different content on each one. Monitors are located at concession stands, around restaurants and bars, in restrooms, and inside 59 luxury and party suites.

The Yankee players review the game that he played through the monitors in the team’s video room. Each Yankee player also has a computer at his locker. The luxury suites have special touch-screen phones for well-heeled fans to use when ordering food and merchandise.

At the stadium business center, Cisco interactive video conferencing technology will link to a library in the Bronx and to other New York City locations, such as hospitals.

Players and executives will be able to video conference and talk to fans before or after the games. Eventually data and video from the stadium will be delivered to fans’ home televisions and mobile devices.

Inside the stadium, fans in each seat will be able to use their mobile phones to order from the concessions or view instant replays. If they have an iPhone, an application called Venuing lets them,

  • Communicate with other fans at the game.
  • Find nearby facilities.
  • Obtain reviews of concessions.
  • Play pub-style trivia games.
  • Check for news updates.


The Yankees also have their own Web site ( where,

  • fans can watch in-market Yankees games live online.
  • check game scores.
  • find out more about their favorite players.
  • purchase tickets to games.
  • shop for caps, baseball cards and memorabilia.


The site also features fantasy baseball games, where fans compete with each other by managing “fantasy teams” based on real players’ statistics.





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