What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a statistically typed programming language, that runs on the java virtual machine and also can be compiled to javascript source code. First this was developed by JetBrain Programmers, after that open source contributes also helped to improve this language.

In 2011 JetBrain started the Project Kotlin as a another language for Java Virtual Machine. In 2012 February Project Kotlin has been open sourced under the Apache   2 Licence. Kotlin Version 1.0 has been released in February 15th of 2016. In 25th of April 2017, they released the Kotlin 1.1.2 stabilized version.  In Google I/O 2017,Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google announced first-class support for Kotlin on Android.

One of the main application of kotlin  is android development. Kotlin can be used to prevent Null Pointer Exception, and most extension functions. Not only Android Development, we use kotlin to Server Side Programming and Javascript too.

After announcing the Kotlin as an official Android Development language, kotlin has become the third language, which support for android, after Java and C++. Kotlin is a drop in replacement language, which means that it can be  used bidirectionally,  you can call into the Java language from Kotlin, and you can call into Kotlin from the Java language.

We use Kotlin to server side programming for some reasons.

  • Tooling: Intelli J has plug-in support for Kotlin. JetBrain also provide a plugin for Eclipse.
  • Migration: You can start new code in Kotlin, keeping the old parts of Java.
  • Better: Kotlin is always better than java, that’s how developers say.

We use Kotlin to android for some reasons.

  • Compilation Time: Kotlin always support to a increasing compilation time. Incremental builds are usually same or more efficient, when we use Kotlin.
  • Performance : Android Stydio 3.0 and upper versions using fully Kotlin support to android program.  It’ll make your work easier.
  • Work Happiness: Pinterest and Basecamp’s using kotlin 100% to their apps. They are reporting that huge difference in programming by using than Java.

If you love to know more details about Kotlin, Please Click here.

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