The Nougat of the year

Android version 7.0, Android Nougat is finally released (on August 22, 2016) as the latest update of Google’s mobile operating systems. The OS is rolling out now but seemingly it is going to take a while for the mobiles to be literally upgraded with the newest version. The Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Google Pixel C, are first in the line to be immediately upgraded over the air.

The reviewers say that this newest OS is all about extended functionality, improved earlier-existed features plus, creative expansions.

Now let’s have a little vista on the newly featured Nougat.

Android Nougat is improved with the capabilities to customize and so to make it feel more of your own. You are to express yourselves more than ever, with more than 1500 emoji built into Android. The Quick Settings too is upgraded, with the toggles more open to be edited, moved.

Further it provides Multi-Locale language support, enabling you to use more than two languages simultaneously. For instance it lets your search engine to provide results in all those languages.

Android Nougat lets you use multiple tasks at once with the newly added features like multi-window – that enables side by side use of apps with resizable windows, direct reply -that lets you reply to the email, message notifications on the fly without navigating away from your currently opened window, and quick switch -which lets you quickly switch between two apps just by double-tapping the Overview/square button.

In Android 7.0 the already existed power saving options are broadened. The Doze takes care of better battery management by deferring background CPU and network activity for apps when the device is not in use for long periods of time. The App Standby defers the background network activity for apps with which the user has not interacted recently.

The most exciting news is that it has officially added support for the Vulkan API for promising faster, smoother and better gaming graphics. Further, Android is planning to add Google Day Dream- ready phones, headsets and controllers very soon for astonishingly immersive VR experiences.

As we all expected the safety and privacy measures in Android has satisfactorily improved in Nougat. Despite the prevailed features in Android, Nougat is newly equipped with features like Seamless Update –new devices featuring Android Nougat can let the installation of software updates in the background so that you don’t have to wait while the device syncs with latest updates, File Based Encryption- which enables you to isolate and protect files for individual users on your device, Direct Boot- which makes your device start faster and run the apps safer even before you unlock the device.

It should also be mentioned that LG V20 is going to be the world’s first smartphone launched with Android Nougat.

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