What is Bluetooth?


Today we think to talk about bluetooth, a topic which we think that we know.

When we talk about the beginning bluetooth technology, in 1994 Jaap Haartsan & Sven Mattisson who worked in Ericson Company. It was called “MC” , “Multi Communicator link“.In that time the  technology is not so advanced. So this one was a great inversion.In first time of the world, a wireless technology harmonized most of technological equipments. Most of you know that how is the name “Bluetooth” came from.

In 958 A.C in denmark there was a king called Herald Bluetooth. He make denmark and norway as a one country and harmonized native people also. As the king harmonized countries, this technology  harmonized the technical gadgets.So this technology called Bluetooth as an honor.

Blutooth technology use to exchange data in any 2 equipments like mobile phones,laptops,printers  and game consoles etc.This tech doesn’t spent much energy.As we normally know, the range of a bluetooth device is on 100 meters. You can exchange your information in 60 meters very fast.

In first there was Bluetooth version 1.0 and its data communication speed was up to 1Mbps, 1 Mega Bytes per Second. In November in 2004,Bluetooth version 2.0 came and it was called as “new version with Enhanced Data Rate“. Its data communication speed was up to 3Mbps.Next came  version 3.0 and it was very advanced one.It came with new features and its data communication  speed went to 24Mbps.When the data exchange speed increase, it saves the battery power instantly. So it called “LE“, Low Energy. After the version 4.0 we consider all equipments as bluetooth smart equipments.

The latest version,Bluetooth 5 arrival have officially been announced. It has upgraded with more features than Bluetooth previous version. Bluetooth 5 gives mostly data communication speed twice than Bluetooth 4.2 . And also bluetooth receive and send data more quickly than previous versions. The range of bluetooth has been increased 4 times in new version. The releasing date of this new version is going to late 2016 or to 2017. The devices can get this Bluetooth 5 in late 2017 devices.
The signal which use to communicate bluetooth is a very weak signal.Normally it is very small  like  1mW, one Milli Watts. Actually this signal is very weak than 3000 times. When a bluetooth  connected device get activated the other devices which around that device also making a network with  it.This is obviously a wireless private communication network. We calling it, PAN “Personal Area  Network“. This technology works with the control of of IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

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