Creating an Interior Design Using Blender

Creating a chair

1. Add a Cube to the scene. (Add => Mesh =>Cube)
2. Press (N key) to get the dimensions panel and change the dimensions of the cube. (X=3, Y=2.6, Z=0.2)

Figure 2

Changing the shape of cube

1. Change the Object Mode as “Edit mode” in Top view and change the display mode as “Wireframe”.
2. Now you can modify the vertices of the cube.
3. Select the vertex you need to modify and change the shape.

Figure 3

Creating Legs

1. Change the mode as Object and Display mode as “Solid”. Then add a cylinder to the scene.(x=0.3,y=0.3,z=5.5)

Figure 4

Applying material to Chair

1. Select the cube and navigate to Material Panel.
2. Click on “New” button. Then Navigate to “Textures” option.

Figure 5

3. Click on “New” button in Textures tab and select “Image or movie” under the “Type”.

4. Open the Image for seat texture.

Figure 6

5. Now the selected Texture applies to the “Cube” we have created.

6. Select the Cylinder and repeat the same procedure to apply a material.

Duplicating Objects

1. Go to the Top view and select the Cylinder we have created.

2. Press (Shift + D) and then press (Y)
(Shift + D) – Create duplicate object of Cylinder.
(Y) – Lock the Y axis so that you can move the duplicated object around Y axis only.

3. Place the duplicated object on the opposite corner of the cube.

Figure 7

4. Duplicate the cylinder again and create the front legs of the chair.(Change the Scale accordingly)

Creating the bars of chair

1. Add a cylinder to the scene.
2. Rotate the cylinder and place it between the back legs of the chair.
3. Apply a material to the cylinder.
4. Duplicate the cylinder and place them properly.

Figure 8

Press to render the output. You should get an object similar to following.

Figure 9

Creating multiple chairs

1. Go to the Top view and Press B (Border Select Option).

2. Select all the objects related with chair and press (Ctrl + G).

3. Now you can see all the objects related to chair grouped together.

4. Now duplicate entire object and create multiple chairs.

5. To change the Direction of the chair, press (Ctrl+M) (Mirror option).

Figure 10

Figure 11

Creating the table

1. Add a “Torus” object to the scene. (Dimensions: X=6,Y=12,Z=0.5)
2. Add a material to the object.
3. Create a Cylinder and place it as a leg of the table.
4. Apply an Image material to the cylinder.
5 Duplicate cylinder and create two legs for the table.
6 Create another cylinder and place it on the middle of the Torus.(Dimensions: X=4.1,Y=8.9,Z=0.4)

Figure 12

Applying glass material to table surface

1. Select the Cylinder which is in the middle of Torus.
2. Go to Material Panel and click on New button.
3. Do the changes according to below figures.

Figure 14

Creating the room

1. Add a plane (Add => Mesh=> Plane) to the scene. Place it correctly using Top, Right and Front view. Apply a material to the floor.

Figure 15

2. Create two planes to represent wall, and place them in correct position. (Perform Rotate, Move and Scale operations)

3. Apply a material to wall.

4. You should a get similar image as shown in the below figure.

Figure 1

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