Industrial Visit – 2016

Rajarata University organizes an Industrial Visit for all third year ICT/CS students annually. It was held during January 11th, 12th, 13th for the year 2016.
Students have visited CodeGen, GoodHope Asia, Microsot, Zone24x7, 99X Services, MilleniumIT, and about 100 students participated for that.
The purpose of the visit is to provide an insight to the students regarding the internal working environment of those companies and their corporate culture, as well as providing useful information related to the practical aspects of their education.
There were several informative sessions conducted by the technical experts of those companies on specific technical domain with IT industry. There were some quiz sessions and winners went back with prizes.
All students had great motivation through the industrial visit and got an insight on how they could enter to specific technical domains with IT industry and build their careers successfully.

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