How download & install Xamarin with your dreamspark account

Xamarin is a powerful tool for make mobile application (Android or iOS) with C#. It is a San Francisco, California based software company created in May 2011. As I mentioned in my previous post with android, this is a other way to make Android application. If you most familiar with C# than java you can use xamarin for it.

But this is not a free. You can get trial for a 30 days. But if you have a dreamspark  account with you, you can get for a 1 year trial.

Before you install Xamarin install Microsoft Visual Studio community 2015

So let’s see how use dreamspark  account for the xamarin.

First login to your university dreamspark  account.

Then scroll down and search for the Microsoft Windows store access code with the following icon.


Then go inside and generate a verification code.


Then go to Microsoft DreamSpark

Click on the “student


Then you have to create a Microsoft DreamSpark account. Remember this account is different with your university dreamspark account. But you can create a free Microsoft DreamSpark account with that verification code you created.

Scroll down the page and find a “Create account


So you have five ways to create a account. Choose verification code.


Click on the Create Account..

Then you have to login to the Microsoft account. If you don’t have create one. (Hotmail, live mail). Remember you can create a Microsoft account with Google mail or something.


Click on “get verified

Choose I have a DreamSpark verification code


Then add the verification code you generated and click on Verify.

OK your Microsoft DreamSpark account now created.

Noe scroll up the page and go to software catalog

8 Under Developer & Designer Tools you can find Xamarin for student. Click on it.

Then again verify your account and press on Get Xamarin. 


After you created your Microsoft DreamSpark account you can get lot of free services with it.

This things you get for free. Get the maximum benefit from them.

Now let’s see how use it with Visual Studio Community 2015.

Fist install Visual studio. You can download it with DreamSpark account or its free for all.

Now double click on the downloaded executable file named XamarinInstaller.exe

Then the Xamarin installer will download all require file and install them.




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