AL Workshop 2015…!!!

In each year, Rajarata Uiversity organizes an event for the AL science students in the province to give them the knowledge and share what we know. Students from center of town to far away rural areas come to this workshop. In this year too, the event has seen its edge of success.

As the ARICT, we focused on the AL ICT students who were ready to sit the exam this year and students who hope to sit for the exam in next year. There were sessions on Python programming, Web development, Database Management Systems, and many more in relevance with the AL ICT syllabus.

The ICT subjects were done on 2 separate days with a participation of more than 200 students from all over the province. The labs were full and the students were very enthusiastic to come for every session. These are some of the clicks that show the ARICT’s involvement in this fruitful event.

Students learning programming in a lab session


Hardware stole


Introducing Latest technologies to students(Raspberry pi)




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